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11th April 2020

Easter in Poland

I personally find Easter in Poland the most joyful and awaited holiday. No matter if you are a catholic or not you will enjoy this time […]
3rd February 2020

What to do in Gdańsk in one day?

What to do in Gdańsk in one day, what to see and where to go? In the below blog post you will find all  you need […]
14th January 2020
logo on motlawa river and crane

Helping by sightseeing

We started  year 2020 joining the biggest charity event in Poland!  Our company Easy Gdańsk Tours became a partner of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity […]
19th November 2019
how to get from Gdansk airport to city center

How to get from Gdańsk airport to city center?

We know that getting from the airport to city centre especially in a foreign country and in a completely unknown city might be quite a challenge.
30th October 2019
new restaurant concept Gdansk

Where to eat in Gdańsk?

This time we would like to give you a few tips where to eat in Gdańsk Main Town.  We love exploring and discovering new places, different […]
9th October 2019
Polish dumplings

What to eat in Gdańsk?

Tasting local food is one of the best reasons  for travelling, isn’t it? That’s why in this article I would like give you a few tips […]
11th July 2019
huge event Gdansk

St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdańsk

23 days of festives, 1000 stalls and 759 years of tradition. Therefore you can’t miss St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdańsk! Huge cultural and entertainment street event […]
6th July 2019
museum of second world war gdansk

Gdańsk stage of the most important historical events of the 20th century

Did you know that two of the most important sites in 20th century history are here in Gdańsk- Westerplatte, the spit of land where II World […]
30th April 2019
gdnansk crane

Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia – why to visit and what to see in Tricity?

Did you know that Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia form an agglomeration called Tricity? It spreads for some 35 km along the Bay of Gdańsk and has a population of 800 000.
4th February 2019
Polish donuts

Fat Thursday and Herring’s Night in Gdańsk

If you visit Gdańsk in the end of Feb or you maybe still consider if this is the right timing then we have one more sweet […]

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