Helping by sightseeing

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We started  year 2020 joining the biggest charity event in Poland!  Our company Easy Gdańsk Tours became a partner of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity with helping by sightseeing guided tours.




What is the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity?

certificate and collection boxes

logo on  motlawa river and crane

It’s the biggest charity event in Poland. It was founded in 1993 by Jerzy Owsiak who since then remains the chairman of GOCC.
The GOCC aims to suport Polish health care by purchasing the best quality medical equipment for Polish hospitals. The foundation supports paediatric and geriatric wards. 

Since 1993 every year on second Sunday in January millions of Poles have been donating to the Foundation and during all 27 Grand Finale GOCC has collected more than 1 bln PLN.
The Grand Finale fundraiser is the day long public event. It takes place all over Poland in most of the cities, towns and villages.
It’s organised locally, by volunteer-run Collection Centers. It’s is accompanied by various events such as concerts, sporting competitions, and firework displays.
Volunteers, carrying branded collection boxes collect money across the country. People donating money receive distinct red-heart stickers in return. This year round 120.000 volunteers kids and teenagers accompanied by parents, adults and seniors have been collecting money all over Poland.

Read more about the foundation and the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity



Charity guided tours in Gdańsk for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

wating at waterfront

people on walking tour

This year our company decided to involve actively. „Wouldn’t it be great to  combine our passion and expertise for Gdańsk with helping” we thought.

Thus on the day of Grand Finale Sunday 12 of January we organized a few helping by sightseeing guided tours in Gdańsk. Our dear guides Marta, Basia, Olek i Filip  invited  our guests – both tourists and locals for 1,5 hour walking tours in the Main Town of Gdańsk. They were holding a huge red heart shaped balloon in their hands so everybody on the street could see us and join. 

The tour was free. However the guests were welcome to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity with free donation.  We collected the money to the collection boxes we were carrying with us. 

A lot of people joined us for the tour. They were very enthusiastic and in spite of the chilly and windy weather stayed with us until the end supporting the Great Orchestra generously after the tour

At the day’s end we took back the collection boxes to the Collection Centre and got the money counted. We were extremely happy and excited to hear we managed to gather 1.928, 90 pln plus foreign currency.  

We believe as entrepreneurs we have social responsibility to get involved in important missions and local events! But it’s not only that. For us Gdańsk citizens the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has special meaning and place in our hearts.  It’s honour and pride to be part of this story and organize helping by sightseeing.