Fine Dining food tour

Fine Dining food tour

Fine Dining food tour

This tour will be perfect for you if you would like to taste Polish cuisine with modern twist. You will enjoy local well-known classics but served in new and unexpected versions.

The spots we will be visiting serve excellent fine food with no compromise on the quality. The foods are based on locally produced ingredients coming from small and proven craftsmen. Homemade breads, pickles and other delicacies will pamper your taste buds during our tour. I promise you will eat with your eyes too. Cosy interiors and great service are included!

We will have up to 12 different tastings during our walking tour. We will drink beer and vodka since these are natural companions for the Polish food. 3 shots of vodka are included ( a shot of vodka, beer/glass of wine/cherry liquor). Polish wine tasting is included.

This tour will be perfect if you like fancy dining food, and you enjoy eating with all your senses. Do you want to celebrate birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion this will be an original gift for you and your travel companions.

Tour schedule:

  • Recommended starting time:10 am on Mon-Sun. On Sun the tour’s itinerary might differ due to Sun closed in a few stops.
  • Weekdays: Mon-Sun.
  • No of venues: 7
  • Tastings: +15
  • Tour lenght: 4 hours
  • Walking distance: 2 km.
  • Special diets: it’s possible to find options for vegetarians but we would prefer to know it in advance.
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