Taste of Poland food tour

Taste of Poland food tour

Taste of Poland food tour

Private food tour in Gdańsk- traditional Polish quisine

The tour is for people who love visiting local markets and shops and love tasting local food when travelling. While travelling as tourists we have realized that doing all the research where to go and what to it involves a lot of time and planning in advance. The result is not always as described in the reviews. That’s why we recommend visiting those places with a local that knows her way around rather than going on your own. We are food lovers thus we have selected the places with care and recommend dishes we would recommend to our best friends.

This private food tour takes you to:

Local market

Shop as the local do and try sauerkraut. Besides that seasonal vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, cheeses, sausages and many more can be found on this old market.

Cosy gourmet store

Taste a few of the local gourmet food. A cosy shop combined with a cafe offering high quality culinary products. You will try a local and seasonal cold apetizers such as Baltic herring, bread with lard and dill pickles.

Great bar in the Main Town

We continue tasting apetizers typical for the communist era. You will get familiar with the late 80'ties in Poland both hen it comes to menu and interiors. A glas of Polish vodka is included.

Time to eat lunch in the restaurant

A paradise for foodies. Here we taste a typical Polish soup Sour soup from fermented rie. Then mix of dumplings, stew cabbage and grilled Polish sausage. A glass of craft beer is included.

Cherry bar for a glass of cherry liquer

Crafted by hand, without haste and any artificial additives, consisting of just four ingredients: cherries, spirit, sugar and water.

Typical Polish pastry for a dessert

Depending on the season and guests’ preferences we can choose between several different local specialties. Wuzetka, cheese cake, popseed cake, pączki and many more to choose. We know hidden gems off the beaten paths.

Tour schedule:

Why should I take this private food tour?

If you want to eat like the locals do we will take you for a culinary journey back in time into traditional Polish tastes and flavors. We will sample the dishes typical for the communist time, but also try ever green specialties. We will have up to 15 different tastings during our walking tour so you should better be hungry before you join it. We will drink beer and vodka since these are natural companions for the Polish food. 3 shots of vodka are included ( a shot of vodka, beer/glass of wine/cherry liquer). In between the food samplings we will tell you higlights of Gdańsk, its past and nowadays.

  • Recommended starting time:10 am on Mon-Sun. On Sun the tour’s itinerary might differ due to Sun closed in a few stops.
  • Weekdays: Mon-Sun.
  • No of venues: 7
  • Tastings: +15
  • Tour lenght: 4 hours
  • Walking distance: 3-4 km.
  • Special diets: it’s possible to find options for vegetarians but we would prefer to know it in advance.

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