Where to eat in Gdańsk?

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This time we would like to give you a few tips where to eat in Gdańsk Main Town.  We love exploring and discovering new places, different quisines and new culinary concepts. Thus below we have selected the places with care and the ones we would invite our best friends to. We do not get paid from the these restaurants for recommendations. They are our private and subjective choices so hopefully you will share our love and pride for those spots. You are more than welcome to share your own opinion with us.  At the bottom of this article you will find those restaurants  on the map of Gdańsk so you can easily see where they are situated.

Where to eat traditional Polish?

Pierogarnia u Dzika 

If you wish to try traditional Polish quisine this is the place to go. Situated on a cobblestone street off the busy Długa Street it offers wide variety of local Polish dishes from starters, thorugh soups, main dishes to desserts. The places’s best specialty are the dumplings.

There are plenty of dumplings with very different fillings.  from savory to sweet, from cooked to baked. Our recommendation is to „build your own plate” with several different flavors. Be prepared for big portions, so if you would like to sample many different dishes maybe it’s a good idea to share them with your companion(s).

Pierogarnia u Dzika is a very good option for  inexpensive lunch or dinner.

Gdański Bowke

In Gdański Bowke  can enjoy great local meal with a waterfront and the promenade Długie Pobrzeże view. The greatest gourmets and lovers of traditional Polish flavors will be satisfied. If you are a fan of sweets you will find awaiting the delicious, Goldwasserfilled liqueur chocolates and excellent aromatic coffees prepared with the passion to the smallest detail. Moreover the restaurant invites to taste the beers from regional breweries, including the natural unpasteurized beer „Gdański Bowke”, which is produced exclusively for this  restaurant by a small family brewery in accordance with the centuries-old recipes of the best Gdańsk brewers. 

We find Gdański Bowke a perfect place for dinner and lunch which offers great value for money.


Where to eat fine dining?


You find Fino restaurant  in the heart of Main Town, but a bit hidden from the crowds and noise. It offers well-known classics in the new versions and unexpected combinations of products, flavours, texture and tastes. Furthemore everything is perfectly combined and  served with delight for the eye and palate.fine dining

The chef cook’s ambition and mission is to offer its’ guests food you rather do not cook at home. Inbetween the meals you will receive some small bites on house. Fino offers you also the seven course tasting menu as well as plant menu and sour shots.

At Fino you will experience great food and wine in an relaxed and casual atmosphere at affordable price. It’s worth to take your time here and enjoy the moment.



Prologue is located right beside the footbridge to Ołowianka Island. So when the weather is a nice you can be seated with outdoors viewing the Ambler Sky wheel at Gdańsk marina. Alternatively the restaurant’s interiors lets you follow the activity in the kitchen.

fine dining restaurantIn addition the restaurant offers a unique combination of the new and the old, a creative approach on great classics and clean minimalistic form all prepared from scratch exclusively with fresh, best quality ingredients.
The restaurant specialty is sourdough – healthy and nutritious bread which they shape by hand and bake in house daily.
Prologue offers also the most delicious pleasures for meet lovers beef wagyue.
In Prologue you can expect a high-end dining experience right in the heart of Gdańsk.

Where to eat traditional with modern touch?

Słony Spichlerz

Słony Spichlerz (Salty Granary) is a new restaurant market concept. It has been established in a brand new building on Granary Island. This restaurant concept combines many restaurant keepers under one roof and one space, serving high-quality dishes with much diversityMediterranean, Asian, Polish, Vegetarian-Vegan cuisine as well as other meats and creative culinary ideas.

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Just across the canal from Gdańsk Old Town, it has now become a popular meeting place where everyone can eat and drink what they please and at any time of the day. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner from all over of the world or drop by during the weekend late-hours for a quality snack!



You can find Mandu nearby the railway station not far from the city center. It’s definitely the best place to go for the enthusiasts of Polish dumplingspierogirestaurant Gdansk Słony Spichlerz. Therefore do not expect anything else but the dumplings. However you can’t get bored with the dumplings because they have all possible sorts and tastes. The menu has traditional both Polish dumplings and dumplings with a modern touch and influences from different world cuisines. To sum up among many different variants you will find Korean mandu, pielmieni, Gorgeous chinkali or vegan.


соляні лампи від виробника