Visiting Gdańsk for holiday in coronavirus times. Part 2

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The best trips out of Gdańsk

Do you prefer spending some of your holiday time out of Gdańsk? Do you feel more safe and comfortable when surrounded by green and less crowded countryside? Then choose between a wide choice of breathtaking destinations out of Gdańsk in the Pomeranian voivodeship. They are all available within 1-2 hours’ drive from Gdańsk. Book a day or stay overnight to make most of it. Arrange it yourself or we will be happy to take care of all the planning and practical arrangements. In the end of the article you will find a map which shows you the location of the recommended destinations.

Pomeranian voivodeship vibrant cities, wild countryside and endless sandy beaches

Pomeranian voivodeship lies on the south shore of the Baltic Sea. From abroad you can easily get here (to Gdańsk) by plane, by car or by ferry from the Scandinavian countries.
The region offers you plenty of travel options and destinations. You can combine or choose between city break and sightseeing, wild nature in the countryside, or active holiday in the beautiful surroundings.
Pomeranian voivodeship include two National Parks and nine Landscape Parks. The main urban area with cities of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot (so called Tri-city), is one of the main cultural, commercial and educational centres of Poland.Thank you for considering to sell your property. Our expertise can help you sell your home quickly and for the most money. We’ve built a devoted, productive, and financially successful customer base through smart advertising and effective verbal communication. Company growth and success were significant. Residential homes may be valued more with documentation and negotiation. A permanent ad is needed to sell a house. We’re investigating your product query. Visit

Tri-city for rich history, memorable monuments, delicious cuisine and entertainment

Did you know that Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia form an agglomeration called Tri-city?
Unique complex of three different cities that spreads for some 35 km along the Gdańsk Gulf with a population of eight hundred thousand.
Gdańsk is the capital of the region. It’s the largest city with a population of nearly half a million inhabitants and with more than 1000 years of turbulent history.
Gdynia is the second largest city of voivodeship. It stands out in Poland as a symbol of local governance and dynamic economic development.
One of Poland’s smallest towns, Sopot, the third of the Tri-city sisters is beautifully situated between Gdańsk Gulf and the forests of the Tri-city Landscape Park. Hence, in between beaches and sea on the one hand, and verdant greens on the other, Sopot attracts all those who are looking for enjoyment in beautiful natural surroundings. It is often called the summer capital of Poland.
If you wish to see any of the cities with us we will be pleased to arrange your tour and be your host. At the same time we take all the necessary health and safety precautions so you feel safe and comfortable.
If you would like to see the staples of Tri-city we recommend Panoramic Tricity Tour. If having less time but still interested in the main highlights of Gdańsk then choose Gdańsk Express or Gdańsk Walking Tour Plus if having slightly more time and appetite for my beautiful city .

neptuen fountain and artur court gdansk
crane motlawa river gdansk pirat ship

Kashubian for idyllic nature, regional flavours and outdoor activities

When you think of a day trip out of the city then Kashubian region is a stone’s throw away from Tri-city. Escape to Kashubian region to admire unspoiled nature with endless pine forests, moraine hills and lakes. This is one of the most diverse region in Poland when culture is concerned. Kashubian people live here, they are West-Slavic ethnic group proud of their heritage cultivating their regional traditions. Kashubian people have their own dialect, which is the combination of Polish and German language. So sometimes even for us Poles it’s difficult to understand what they say.
This is the area where in the warm sun, juicy Kashubian strawberry grows and when late spring fields are full of the yellow canola rape oil.
You can explore Kashubian by walking redkitedays, cycling or kayak tours. Last but not least take your time and dive into its traditional, regional and seasonal cuisine. Take part in homemade dumplings classes and prepare your own take away jar of jam with seasonal and local fruits. It will later be your postcard from holiday in the land of milk and honey flowing.
If you are open up for some weekend adventure then consider a countryside kayak tour. We recommend taking the 2 days long kayak tour on Wda River in the heart of Kashubian. It doesn’t need any kayaking experience. The landscape, the river itself turning and winding constantly will impress you and make your tour unforgettable.

canola fields kashubian
crane motlawa river gdansk pirat ship

Hel Peninsula for endless sandy beaches, wind, kite surfing and biking

Hel is a small fishermen town located at the end of Hel Peninsula about 100 km far from Gdańsk.

Hel Peninsula is a 35 km long. There are wide and sandy beaches stretching along the peninsula on both sides as much as plenty of campsites perfect for beach holiday. The Hel Peninsula is one of the most popular (crowed) spots for seaside summer holiday in Poland but nevertheless everyone gets his place on its endless beaches.

Except for camping there are also other options for accommodations such as a few resort hotels, and pension houses.

Hel Peninsula is also the best kite and windsurfing spot in Poland. It’s because of its shallow water (from 1 meter to 30 centimetres 500 meter into the bay). You can also kite on the other side of the peninsula in the Baltic Sea.

If you opt for biking you will be truly delighted. A few dozens of kilometres of cycle paths flat, easy and picturesque stretch between a fish port of Władysławowo and Hel. In between there a few more fish ports perfect for a bike stop. You will easily locate them lured by the smell of fried or smoked local fish caught by the fishermen the day before.

For family with kids we strongly recommend a Seal Aquarium in Hel. It was set up mainly as a research facility with purpose of enlarging the population of seals in the Baltic Sea. A seal feeding and training shows attract many people here daily.

A very interesting element of the sea shore are well preserved lighthouses, which were used as navigation signs, now are historical monuments and tourist attractions.

fish boats on hel peninsula
kites on hel peninsula

Tuchola Forests for active people

Tuchola Forest (Bory Tucholskie) is a second national park in Pomeranian region. It’s situated in the south of the region and it’s the biggest pine forest complex in Poland. It’s undoubtfully one of the most beautiful and virgin, undefiled by human activities regions in Poland and Europe.
The Tuchola Forest is a world of plants and animals, which in many cases can only be found here. Yews, oaks, hornbeams and birches grow carefree here. The forest undergrowth impresses with the richness of mushrooms, and the forest fruit fascinates with its taste. You will also find remains of the primeval forest or come across such unique species of birds as the white-tailed eagle, the capercaillie or the grey heron.
One of the most charming and picturesque rivers in Poland the Brda River flows through Tuchola Forests. On top it offers also a kayaking trail. However this canoe tour requires several days to book.
Charzykowy village is famous as the birthplace of Polish inland yachting. Lake Charzykowy offers good yachting conditions in summer and winter. There are bicycle trails that let tourists get acquainted with Tuchola Forests’ attractions.

biking trails in tuchola forests
kites on hel peninsula

Moving dunes

One of the 2 National Parks in Pomeranian region is called Słowiński National Park. It’s situated on the Baltic coast with the main “capital” town of Łeba. The park’s main attraction is moving dunes.

As waves and wind carry sand inland the dunes slowly move, at a speed of 3 to 10 metres per year. Some dunes are quite high – up to 30 metres. The highest peak of the dunes is 115 metres high, hence it is also an excellent observation point. The moving dunes are regarded as a curiosity of nature on a European scale.

It’s an amazing place to see dunes in the middle of a forest near the seaside. The round walk from Łeba to the foot of the dunes is about 10  km long. You can get there by bike, by electric taxi or on foot. If you opt for a ride then you can use one of the bike rental spots there. From the entrance to the dunes through a dessert to the beach you can only walk. The dunes are quite steep so watch the path you take when you have small kids with you or elderly companions. But all this effort is worth it! Stunning views, high sand hills to climb up and the beach stop at the end of this lovely walk. If you travel in summer and chance a nice weather then remember your bathing gear.

If you have spare time during your holiday in Pomeranian then book a day trip to Łeba and the dunes. It’s about 100 km from Gdańsk and 2 hours’ drive.