Visiting Gdańsk for holiday in coronavirus times. Part 1

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Lockdown exit report in Gdańsk

We all look forward to seeing some normality to come back soon including traveling. Summer and holiday are just about to start. Visiting Gdańsk for summer holiday in coronavirus times is worth considering. The borders with EU countries have just been opened. You do not need  14-days quarantine any longer. You can start planning your trip to Gdańsk. Sildenafilpreis

Poland and Gdańsk has entered the fourth and the last stage of lifting coronavirus restrictions. It means that hotel services, gastronomy, tourists attractions in Gdańsk are open again however with some limitations. Not least we have introduced extra precautions for your safety and comfort.

You might wonder right now how to arrange your vacation so it’s as it has always been in the old good times. At the same time the concern to keep yourself safe and healthy during your holiday matters as never before.
You will have to take many decisions. From where to stay overnight, through where to eat and what to see so to avoid crowds, stay safe and enjoy your holiday!

With this article we will try to give you a short update on coronavirus lockdown exit in Gdańsk.

Visiting Gdańsk for holiday in coronavirus times and you will stay safe in public places

You might wonder how safe it is to visit Gdańsk for summer holiday in coronavirus times.

In Poland no matter which region or city you are travelling to the legal regulations about COVID-19 pandemic are the same.

Wearing face masks in public open spaces is not obligatory in Poland any longer as long you keep the distance of minimum 2 meters. Wearing masks is also not necessary in closed areas such as restaurants if it’s possible to keep social distance of 2 meters between the tables.
The masks stay obligatory in stores, public communication and in churches.
Stores, public services, museums, petrol stations, restaurants are obliged to secure hand disinfectants to their customers.

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visiting gdansk for holiday, coronavirus times
visiting gdansk for holiday, coronavirus times

Hotels and apartments can’t wait to host you back

All hotels and apartments in Gdańsk are open and can’t wait to host you again.
You might probably wonder whether to book a hotel room or an apartment in Gdańsk. I think there are pros and cons for each solution.
Most of the hotels in Gdańsk and in Tri-city, especially those belonging to international chains have implemented and fulfil strict rules and safety procedures. They have taken several steps to secure safety and comfort of you and other guests.

Hotel or apartment?

When choosing the apartment you will have more space and privacy for yourself and your travel companions. You might feel more comfortable and safe preparing and eating your breakfast at the apartment’s fully equipped kitchen rather than in the hotel restaurant. You can obviously secure yourself safer social distance too.

Before renting the apartment please be aware that not all the properties introduced additional health and safety policies and offer extra sanitary measures or services for their guests. If they did so they would usually inform you about special actions on the web page. On the other hand many apartments will let you cancel your reservation free and will not require any prepayments. You can value it highly now during these times of uncertainty.


Hotels focus on safety in coronavirus times

Coming back to the hotels the list of the precautions rather is long. Below you can find those most frequent ones.
Containers with a disinfector to your disposal are widely available at the hotel entrance but also at the entrance to the restaurants, lobby bars or close to the elevators.
In many hotels in the check in area you will get the disposable gloves and pens and you will experience safe distance between you and the hotel staff.
The hotel staff disinfect the rooms even up to every 2 hours.
All rooms are regularly ventilated. Each room after leaving the guest is ozonated and reused after 72 hours. They recommend to use stairs or use the elevator with max 2 persons. All door handles for rooms occupied by guests are disinfected. Bed linen and towels are washed at a minimum temperature of 60 ° C. Room key cards are disinfected daily.

The hotel swimming pools, SPA, fitness centres and food service should be open now. But I advise you to check the availability of these services in the hotel of your choice. They might operate with some limitations.
The hotel might still offer a limited menu or instead of the breakfast buffet you will get your breakfast served to the table.
The hotel staff at the reception desks, room service and in the restaurants they all wear masks and or/gloves.

visiting gdansk for summer holiday

Visiting Gdańsk for holiday in coronavirus times you will enjoy your meal in restaurants, bar gardens or terraces

Bars, bar gardens or terraces, restaurants and pubs are generally open in Gdańsk. However for the moment they still operate with some limitations in opening hours or even opening days. So before visiting the place I recommend checking up their opening hours and booking a table.
I’m sure the owners of these places will steadily remove the limits. Until the summer holiday starts in Poland (end of June) and the Polish borders reopen again they will hopefully be operating at full capacity, following the sanitary regime for the safety and comfort of its guests and staff.

The discos and clubs have to remain closed. However if you feel for a good cocktail, some delicious snacks with good music in the background and beautiful view over the city Jungla and Sassy Roof Top wait for you.
All gastronomy spots introduced obligatory hand disinfection at the entrance. They make sure to keep the social distance of 2 meters between the tables. At some places at request you are offered a thermometer to measure the temperature.
The owners and the managers practise different precautions in different places. They disinfect the table tops for you and the menus. The staff wears face masks.
In general you are recommended to pay by a credit card.

Read our earlier post to see where to eat delicious and authentic food and stay safe in Gdańsk.

Traveling safely by taxi in Gdańsk

Visiting Gdańsk for holiday in coronavirus times you will travel by taxi safely.

Taxi drivers and passengers should both wear masks when travelling together.
The taxi drivers should disinfect the inside of the car and the screens regularly as well as air the car after every drive and do not use the closed circuit in air conditioning.
With FREE NOW taxi as a passenger you can choose Lite+ Screen option with a guaranty of security safety screen between the driver and the passengers.
Passengers are suggested to take only back seats of the car (maximum 2 passengers).
Avoid paying with cash. We recommend to download the FREE NOW application on the App Store or Get it on Google Store.

Shopping malls and stores ready to serve their customers 

When visiting Gdańsk for summer holiday in coronavirus times you will have chance to do shopping with no obstacles. Not least you will feel safe when doing it.

All shopping malls are open, alike the food courts located there. All free standing stores on the streets are open too.

At each the entrance to the shopping malls hand disinfectants are available. All shopping malls are obliged to secure face masks for its customers. So if you do not have your own mask you can easily get it (buy) in the regular stores or at the free standing stalls in the shopping mall.

More sanitary products such as disinfectant gels or disposable gloves are usually available in the chain drug stores such as Rossman, Hebe or Superpharm located in the shopping malls.

Since face masks are still mandatory in the stores or closed areas they are widely available for purchase in small food and beverage stores in many spots in the Main Town of Gdańsk.

In general you are recommended to pay by a credit card.

Have a look at our earlier post to see where to do shopping in Gdańsk and Tri-city.

Gdańsk attractions and museums are open again

Visiting Gdańsk for summer holiday in coronavirus times means you will be able to use all the attractions available here.

Gdańsk attractions and museums are open again. You can already enjoy visits to the city parks, churches and piers. 
You can also make a plan to visit most of museums and attractions since they are re-open. But please take into consideration the new rules and temporary limitations introduced for your and other guests’ safety.


Visit Gdańsk for holiday in coronavirus times for its indoor attractions


The Museum of Second World War

They have obligatory hand disinfection. The containers with disinfectants are located in several places all over the museum. You can measure your temperature. You have to wear mask and maintain the distance of 2 meters from the other guests. It’s also recommended to wear disposable gloves. Only individual visits are possible. Group and guided tours are cancelled. You can’t use the audio guides yet. Since the cloakroom is closed you are recommended to use self service lockers for 2 PLN. For your own safety and comfort purchase the tickets online.
And rather use the stairs than the elevator.
If you would like to read more details about the safety measures the museum introduced in connection to COVID-19 pandemic I recommend to read the rules

The European Solidarity Center in Gdańsk (ECS)

follows general legal requirements such as obligatory masks for visitors and 2 meters distance between guests. The ECS has also imposed mandatory disposable gloves which you have available in the museum.
They are open all days except for Mon and Wed. They recommend you to buy tickets online or choose cashless payments at the ticket office.
The ECS offers its visitors promotional tickets at 18 PLN each inl. audio guide. The promotional prices and limited opening days are valid until the end of June. The observation deck on the ECS rooftop (6th floor) is open.

Health and Safety Hall (BHP Hall)

located nearby ECS has new opening hours 10-16 daily. It has introduced limit of visitors up to 20 at one time. Guests should wear face masks.
The Main Town Hall introduced a couple of safety procedures to be followed by its guests. You can only buy the tickets on the spot however you can pay with a credit card. You should wear a face mask during your visit and disinfect hands at the disinfectors located close to the ticket kiosks at the entrance. Please remember to keep 2 meters distance from the other visitors. The museum’s managements promises to disinfect the touch surfaces at least every hour.
Please consider also visits at the other branches of the Gdańsk Museum which is The Polish Post Office Museum, The Aber Museum, The Uphagen House and The Artus House. In all these place you will have to follow similar regulations.

Amber Sky

the observation wheel which can take you up at 50 meters height will take care of your safety on different ways. You can book the private cabin for yourself and your closest companions. All cabins are ventilated and air conditioned. Before hopping on you need to use hand sanitizer. They also promise to clean and disinfect the wheel daily. You can buy tickets only on the spot so please make sure to keep 2 meters distance from the other people.

Hevelianum Center

is a place to go when you are interested in science and have kids with you. Moreover this museum has both indoor and outdoor activities. So stay inside for scientific, ecological and military exhibitions. But remember to book time for outdoor leisure and a great view of the Gdańsk city from the top fort. You can buy tickets online.

Visiting Gdańsk for holiday in coronavirus times for its outdoor attractions


Gdańsk ZOO

occupying an area of app. 120 ha is a great open place to see. It’s worth a visit especially when you travel with kids.
However please remember to keep 2 meters distance from the other guests.
You can buy the tickets only online.
Rental of carts to transport your kids is not available yet. Alike retro train, children’s zoo and the rope park is closed.
Gastronomy and gift shops operate with limitations.

The Oliwa Park

the most beautiful park in Tri-city located in the oldest Gdańsk district is open again. Admittance is free. You can combine a nice walk with a visit at the Oliwa Cathedral located a stone throw from the park. Unfortunately you will not be able listen to the famous organ concert at the cathedral yet.

The Sopot Pier

the longest wooden bridge in Europe located in Sopot welcomes you back. This beautifully located pedestrian and leisure pier attracts lots of locals especially during sunny weekends. So if you have chance to avoid Saturday or Sunday afternoon I recommend to do so. The entrance tickets you can only buy at the spot. However you can pay with a credit card.

Cruises by galleon style ships in Gdańsk

You can visit Gdańsk from seaside on board one of the galleon style ships  Black Pearl (Czarna Perła) or Lion (Lew). You can take the round trip on the route Gdańsk-Westerplatte-Gdańsk. Before embarking please remember to book the tickets online.

Crane M3 (Żuraw M3)

is the observation point  top of the old shipyard crane located on the area of the Gdańsk shipyard. Tickets for this exceptional outdoor attraction you can buy only online. If you have chance then book extra time for this attraction. M3 Crane is part of the Imperial Shipyard place with history and importance not only for Gdańsk but for the whole country.