Top shopping malls for winter sale best deals in Tricity!

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If you come to  Gdańsk and Tricity in January or February visiting one of the TOP 5 shopping malls for winter best deals is a must.

As in other parts of Europe all retailers sell out old fall/winter collections and offer winter sale best deals. Some of the shops offer tax free refund.

Here comes our private selection of TOP 5 shopping mall list absolutely worth visiting when in Tricity during winter sale.

Please bear in mind since 1st of Jan 2019 all shopping malls are closed on ALL Sundays except the last one in the month. So in Jan you can do shopping on Sun 27.01. and in Feb on Sun 24.02.

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Winter sale

BUDGET-the best outlet prices

1. Designer Outlet Gdańsk

 About the center:  Designer Outlet offers 30-70% discounts all year round in more than 100 fashion brands. It guarantees satisfying shopping in outlet prices in a wide selection of brands, like for example Calvin Klein, Pepe Jeans, Benetton, Camel Active, Lacoste, Guess, Nike, Pierre Cardin, Adidas or Levi’s. 

How to get there: It is located within city of Gdańsk in Szadółki district, just next to Tricity ring road S6 (E28) – Szadółki/ Otomin Exit. Short ride in taxi, only 9 km from city entre and 12 km from Lech Wałęsa Airport.

Stands out for: the only outlet shopping mall in Tricity

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POPULAR-the biggest malls with numerous and well-known brands

2. Forum Gdańsk

 About the center:  in Forum Gdańsk you can choose between 200 different shops and 31 restaurants and cafes. It’s a modern urban space which offers blend of shopping, entertainment and relaxation.

How to get there: It’s located in the heart of the Main Town Gdańsk, in walking distance if you stay in the Main or Old Town of Gdańsk. It’s 15,6 km  away from Lech Wałęsa Airport.

Stands out for: central location in the heart of the Main Town

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3. Riviera Shopping Center

About the center:  Riviera Shopping Center is one of the biggest in the Tricity with close to 250 shops and 30 restaurants and cafes. It offers huge  choice of well known fashion, beauty jewelry and interior design brands.

How to get there: It’s located in Gdynia in the immediate proximity of the city centre. From Gdańsk easily accessible by fast train (SKM) with stop at Wzgórze Św. Maksymiliana, followed by 3 min walk.  It’s about 16 km from Lech Wałęsa Airport.

Stands out for: the biggest shopping mall in Tricity.

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4. Galeria Bałtycka

About the center: with more than 200 stores and 25 restaurants and cafes it’s located in the district of Gdańsk Wrzeszcz. Just a stone throw from Garnizon – the new center for culture, gastronomy and entertainment in Tricity.

How to get there: There are bus and tram stops in the direct neighbourhood of the Baltic Gallery. You can take a fast train (SKM) with stop at Gdańsk Wrzeszcz.

Stands out for: baggage rooms and cloakroom for those on the way back home

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PREMIUM- selected, exclusive brands for the most demanding customers

5. Klif

 About the center: Klif Mall is known for its unique premium brands with the best clothing, beauty and jewelry, high-quality, unique products, and discreet, friendly staff. It’s located within city of Gdynia in Orłowo district.

How to get there: It’s easily accessible by fast train (SKM) with stop at Gdynia Orłowo followed by 1 min walk. It’s about 18,5 km from Lech Wałęsa Airport.

Stands out for: unique and exclusive fashion brands not available in any other shopping mall in Tricity.

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