Visiting Gdańsk for holiday in coronavirus times. Part 3

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Private guided tours safe travel option

Now when social distancing has become embedded in our minds and probably stays with us for a longer time you might consider smaller, private tours during your travelling instead of group tour itineraries. You become more cautious. You want to feel more confident and comfortable. Our private guided tours led in intimate groups both in Tri-city (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) and out of town in Kashubian give you more control over the environment around you.  We offer you tailor made private tours, with no strangers, just you and your personal guide and away from noisy tourist itineraries.

We take your safety seriously

That’s why we organize the guided tours only for you, your friends or your family. No strangers will join on your tour, just you and your personal guide.
We take seriously yours and our health when planning and executing the tour. As a staff we fulfil all sanitary precautions and we expect you to respect the rules and do the same during our private tour.

The full list of all sanitary requirements obligatory in Poland you can read in our another blog post.

We also refer to the government site for official, up-to-date and reliable information on the corona virus illness.

To put it shortly for you. We are obliged to wear masks when indoor e.g. when in museum, local market, transportation means or in a shop.
Disinfecting hands at the entrance to shops, restaurants or museums is also required. The sanitizing gel is always available at these sites.

On top our guides always offer you the disinfectant during the tour and encourage to wash hands regularly. At the same time we recommend you to bring your own supply to be in control of your own hygiene.

During the chauffeured tours the drivers wear masks and gloves during the entire service, and passengers are required masks inside the vehicles. Sanitizing gel is available.

We all are recommended to keep social distance of 1-1,5 meters. So we won’t advise you to go the main pedestrian street in the Main Town of Gdańsk during the rush hours.

As local experts our guides know tips and tricks how to avoid crowds and when it’s optimal to visit a site. We also know all the opening hours and possible limitations at the sites. We plan your tour so to avoid risk and to make you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed during your time with us.

Flexible cancellation policy

Especially now when uncertainty about the near future is big we might be forced to change our holiday plans last minute. At easygdansktours we fully understand it and let our guests to change or cancel your bookings cost free any time prior to date of your itinerary.

What sites are open?

Tourist sites and museums are open again. However each of the site might implement different and their own safety measures incl. limitations in the services they otherwise offer. So please check up the opening hours and the days as well as other requirements and recommendations prior to your visit.

Please read our other blog post for a detailed list of the outdoor and indoor attractions reopened after the lockdown was lifted in May/June 2020.

Our new private food tours

During the lockdown we could not make the tours for you but we didn’t laze either.

We have been working on the new products, new thematic tours which we are happy now to introduce for you. We hope you will enjoy them.

We always thought that discovering one country’s  culture, history and its people through the cuisine it offers can be very exciting and unique experience. When we travel privately we always put much attention and heart to the right choice of local food we sample and places we eat.

That’s why we have created 4 different private food tours for you. Each of them will provide you with different culinary impressions. But all of them will take you for the journey through our local Polish flavours and exciting part of our culinary heritage.

You can taste traditional Polish menu or modern Polish fine dining cuisine. Gdańsk is proud of its history and traditions thus cultivates old recipes and traditional dishes. We will take you to the proven spots offering the foods we remember from our childhood or the food that is still being served on Sun lunch at some Polish homes.

On the other hand Gdańsk culinary scene is cosmopolitan, innovative and creative. Our prestigious local chefs are well educated and experienced professionals constantly searching for novelties all over Europe. They are masters in combining local, seasonal, sometimes forgotten local raw products with new techniques or unobvious ingredients.

We will take you for a culinary walk only to the spots we highly appreciate and thus selected for you.

These are the local markets, bars, bistro, restaurants and bakeries we visit from time to time with pure pleasure and joy. We know the chefs and the hosts of these places. They cook with real passion and devotion! They care about the quality and freshness of the products, its local origin, seasonal cycle of life and traditional method of production.

We are proud of our regional products and unique local dishes. Your private local host will recommend you our local specialities and hidden, off the beaten paths spots you might not find while walking on your own.

If you are curious about our local cuisine, treasures of the sea, beauty of the nature  and some light exercise will do well then a food bike tour will be great culinary experience. We will ride a beautiful cycle path along the Gdańsk Bay with the sea and the beaches on one side and the forests and parks on the other side. We will take several stops on the way and sample many delicious foods from the starter to the dessert. The food and drinks you will be tasting take inspiration from the sea treasures alike proximity of the summer holiday resort with its soft sandy beaches.

Our best private city tours in Gdańsk

We have been operating our sightseeing tours and guiding guests on the private tours for more than 10 years. Throughout all these years our guests have written us many appraisal testimonials on Trip Advisor and rated us with 5 stars.
They told us what they appreciate most at easygdansktours and which tours are their favourite ones.

Choose Gdańsk Express tour, if you have shortage of time or you are just interested in the main highlights of our beautiful city. We take a 3-hours sightseeing walk in the Main Town with several stops at the main historical spots, monuments and attractions.

We recommend Panoramic Tricity chauffeured tour for those of you who would like to discover 3 cities in one day. During 8-hours private tour you will experience the diversity of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia creating one big agglomeration Tricity. We will be driving in a comfortable van, just you and your personal guide.

If you are into history then you probably know that Gdańsk has been stage for the most important historical events of the 20th century. And you won’t pass by indifferently our most important and remarkable museums World War II Museum and European Solidarity Center. We recommend one of our historical private tours Gdańsk Solidarity tour or World War II Museum tour.

And please remember no matter the tour you choose we adapt it to your interests, needs and preferred pace. Not least we take into consideration safety and health issues.
We will take care of all the planning and executing while you will be enjoying your holiday of a lifetime.