Gdańsk stage of the most important historical events of the 20th century

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Did you know that two of the most important sites in 20th century history are here in Gdańsk- Westerplatte, the spit of land where II World War began and the Shipyard where the communism started its long and gradual final act.

II World War and Stutthof Concentration Camp

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historical place of Stutthof

On the 1st of September 1939 on Westerplatte peninsula on the outskirts of Gdańsk II World War broke. It spred out all over the world and lasted for almost 6 years.

Soon German Nazists established a concentration camp to exterminate Jewish and Polish Intelligence in a small town outside Gdańsk called Stutthof. The camp became the place of torment and slaughter for over 110 thousand prisoners from 26 countries during the second world war. 

We are celebrating the 80th years anniversary of the outbreak of II World War and between August and November 2019 the museum has prepared special program of the events.

If you have any interest in II World War then we recommend you to join one of our tours  World War II Museum or Stutthof Concentration Camp Tour.

Originally the tours are combined with the city tours of Gdańsk. However if you opt for a shorter version we will adjust the tour to your needs.

Solidarity, Shipyard and Shipyard Crane

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In the 80-ties it was stromy time for Poland and the whole Europe.
First in the 1980 the first independent trade union Solidarity was born here in Gdańsk. Our Polish road to freedom began in Gdańsk Shipyard the biggest company in the region these days.
Then after almost a decade of uncertainty, martial law, shipyard workers’ strikes, communist terror, round table talkes the first partly free election to the Polish parliment took place in 1989.
Since then the communist system began to collapse in the whole Europe. What happened here in Gdańsk led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Autumn of Nations 1989 and the liquidation of the post-Yalta order in Europe. Finally the division of our continent into two blocs, separated by the “Iron Curtain” came to an end.

During our walking Solidarity Tour we will visit European Solidarity Center (ECS) and walk through the area of the former Gdansk shipyard which has been opened for the citizens and tourists after 176 years of restricted access.

If you feel for climbing xxx steps up a former shipyard crane then from the top of it you can admire a panoramic view on the city of Gdańsk.

Free tips

  • II World War Museum offers free tickets on every Tue. You can only purchase them at the museums’ cash desk on the day of your visit.
  • There is an observation deck on the roof of ECS. The admission is free and covers the view on the Old City and former Gdańsk Lenin Shipyard.
  • II World War Museum is closed on Mon.
  • European Solidarity Center (Oct-April) is closed on Tue.
  • Stutthof is app. 45 minutes drive (60/70 minutes by coach) from Gdańsk. The public bus no 870 stops opposite the Uppland Gate.