Fat Thursday and Herring’s Night in Gdańsk

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If you visit Gdańsk in the end of Feb or you maybe still consider if this is the right timing then we have one more sweet reason to convince you that it’s definitely worth the visit.

Fat Thursday 29 of Feb

Although nowdays Fat Thursday is connected with very tasty and sweet celebration originally it comes from the Catholic religion.

Fast Thursday is the last Thursday before the 40 days’ Great Fast (Lent) begins in Poland. This year it falls on the last day of February.

Lent period lasts until Easter. Since it  from the beginning was connected with fasting period and refraining from eating sweets,  during Fat Thursdays all Poles go crazy and eat Poland’s  favourite pastries called PĄCZKI (similar to donuts) in astronomic amounts.

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Pączki are fried in deep oil or lard and filled with rose jam or other different mamolades.They are the best when they are still worm.

Another Fat Thursday favourite are FAWORKI – thin dough ribbons, fried until crispy and sprinkled with powdered sugar. 

Fat Thursday is a day when the diets  or any new year resolutions do not matter.

According to some researches most of Poles eat 3 to 5 donats on Fat Thurday and all together we eat 100 mln donuts on this particular day.

They can be purchased in most bakeries or food stores. 

However there are places where pączki are absolutely delicious. How will you recognize that they are the best?  People queue up in lines to buy the pastries from their local bakeries.

Herring’s Night

The day before Lent actually begins also has its own traditions. The Tuesday following Fat Thursday and the day before Ash Wednesday is the last day before the Great Fast begins.

On this Herring’s Night (ŚLEDZIK) you party at home or in restaurants eating different types of herring often in the company of vodka shots. In 2019 Śledzik falls on March 5.

The best places to eat PĄCZKI in Tricity (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia):

Stara Pączkarnia in Gdańsk

Plac Dominikański 1

Capuccino Cafe in Sopot

Al. Niepodległości 899

Pączuś in Gdynia

ul. Świętojańska 18